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To the Thirtysomething Mums

Dear fellow thirtysomething mum, I see you in the supermarket, I see you at the playground. I see you at the school drop-off, I see you on the train and in the kid-friendly restaurants. Sometimes y…

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Quote of the Day

“My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living.”

Anais Nin

The Columnist had a baby

This is the first post I’ve written in almost a year. Well… that’s not entirely true… I’ve started LOADS of posts but never got to the end of any of them due to the many, many, MANY distractions that having a small baby brings. I’m 7 months in, still alive (as is my daughter – a victory on my part) and am slowly regaining the ability to construct a sentence that does not involve the words ‘poo’, ‘projectile’, ‘bottle’ or ‘help!’. Therefore I thought it was time that I dust off the laptop and stop looking at Secret Escapes and actually write something (whilst looking at Secret Escapes as I’ve decided to conquer my fear of international travel with a child). Continue reading “The Columnist had a baby”

Accepting my husband’s ‘Maleness’

This post was originally published on Huffington Post UK

As a feminist, my attitudes towards the gender balance has significantly shifted in recent months. Here’s why: Continue reading “Accepting my husband’s ‘Maleness’”

The 10 things I miss most from before I was pregnant

I have 8 weeks and 4 days until my due date. Not that I’m counting or anything… Obviously the main motivation for the countdown is that we get to meet our daughter, but there are a few other things that I’m really starting to miss after 7 months of being knocked up.

I know it sounds selfish and there will be a few mother-earth types who will disagree with what I’m about to say, but being pregnant isn’t easy and I’d be lying if I said that it was fun. Continue reading “The 10 things I miss most from before I was pregnant”

The Columnist on #nomakeupselfie

Unlike the previous craze of the #neknomination, the last couple of days has seen our news feed becoming inundated with the #nomakeupselfie. I hadn’t initially heard of it as an official campaign, and that’s because it wasn’t (official that is). In fact, Cancer Research aren’t too sure how the craze began, but one thing is for certain – they certainly are not complaining about it. Over £2 million was raised in the first 48 hours! A phenomenal amount of money that unquestionably, will be put to good use by Cancer Research UK. Continue reading “The Columnist on #nomakeupselfie”

The Columnist returns

After an extended sabbatical from The Columnist – due to a number of extraneous variables including work, pregnancy & getting married,I thought it was about time I dust off the blogging cobwebs.

Continue reading “The Columnist returns”

Project Bush

It was about a week ago that an email pinged into my inbox inviting me to book a 15 minute slot in which to have my ‘lady garden’ photographed by Alison Connan.

It seemed like a joke. It was in my junk folder, from an email address I didn’t recognize, from a company I have no recollection of giving my personal details too. My hotmail account is on every conceivable mailing list known to man and I get daily offers of everything from diamond investment to penis enlargements. Continue reading “Project Bush”

Work versus Life

I’ve become a bit obsessed with trying to create a work environment that doesn’t conform to the daily drudgery of 9-5. The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss and How To Be A Free Range Human by Marianne Cantwell are two books that I’ve read recently to help inspire my new way of life.

Continue reading “Work versus Life”

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