As this is the first post in The Columnist, I suppose it might be worth me introducing myself and explaining why the site has been set up. Basically, The Columnist sounds much better than any quirky blog title that I could conjure up, plus any that I did come up with were already taken!

A standard ‘first name’ then ‘last name’ dot com isn’t really my style and simply wouldn’t work, down to a few facts. 1. I am of utter irrelevance to the blog reading public, am not a pop star nor have I been on big brother so I prefer the notion of creating a blog that eluded to my mysterious anonymity. 2. I think The Columnist sounds cool and is a title I have longed for and now have, thanks to the wonders of the web and 3. It does exactly what it says on the tin. Essentially I am going to write a load of blogs about lots of different things and this is essentially a column, only on your screen.

So there you have it. With a hop, click and a jump, I have become The Columnist.

Not to create any false delusions of grandeur to anyone (other than myself) this is essentially a lifestyle site for lots of things that I find interesting or beautiful – or both. A random selection of lovingly written ramblings from a writer who likes food, shopping, clothes, spending money I don’t have and going out. And as I’ve just bought a house with my lovely boyfriend, home wares, décor and anything vaguely related to cooking and kitchens will be included in this site too as I seem to have reached that place I used to refer to as ‘adulthood’ and find myself, with no concept of how I got here.

I always thought maturity is something that you transition into quite deliberately. A move you conscientiously decide to make. But it doesn’t happen like that… it seems to creep up slowly, sporadically and is completely inconsistent. I like olives, but I also like cherry lips. I have a mortgage, but still get a pang of genuine excitement when I get a kinder egg. I’ve decided to begin documenting my thoughts into cyber space, before I get too grown up!

So, follow this blog if you would enjoy reading a mental mixture of madness versus maturity and a gratuitous use of alliteration.