I’ve recently read Live Longer by Sally Brown.  It’s a nice little healthy handbook packed with hints and tips on how to be healthy and stay younger for longer.

I hurtled my way through my 20’s (although still have a little of them left!) without a thought about staying young. I’ve always been pretty health conscious and try to eat right and exercise, which balances out the occasional/bi-weekly tipple.  (N.B- By ‘tipple’ I’m clearly referring to binge drinking, although I’ve upgraded from Lambrini to Sauvingnon Blanc.)

Obviously diet is a hugely important element to health and well-being, and you can’t underestimate the value of a few glasses of red wine apparently, but I’m coming to the conclusion that stress is a key factor in terms of how you feel and how young you look.

Everyone says that moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do, I was dubious seeing as my first purchase was relatively stress-free. In hindsight, this is because it was in collaboration with my Dad, who not only has the house-buying thing perfected from years of experience, but he pretty much handled all the nitty gritty. Leaving me to indulge in the fun stuff like buying kettles and picking paint colours (both were pink, but I was young…)

So I’m thinking my obsession with getting old has stepped up a notch in recent months seeing as I’ve bought a house with my beau, dealt with all the nitty gritty myself (it’s not fun) and am now fighting through clouds of dust on a daily basis, trying to study amongst the unpacked boxes listening to the mind numbing racket of constant drilling.

I’m desperately clinging to my creative vision of what it’s supposed to look like at the end. All of which was created on a handy app on my iPad, Home Design 3D, which I definitely recommend! I was drawing out our floor plans whilst my Boyf was playing Fifa or Angry Birds.  So we’ve gone and done something pretty mature (although it seems that men will never grow out of computer games) and it’s also quite stressful. Double whammy on the ageing stakes!

Although, this was all part of the master 2012 plan, which was, essentially, to buy a house and grow up.  As much as I’m proud of us for getting a house, I don’t really want to grow up and definitely do not want to look old! Hence the reading materials having no relevance to contemporary female playwrights (PhD thesis topic FYI).

It’s much the same as reading all these health books about staying young, eating lots of veg, drinking lots, taking various supplements to maintain youthful energy and glossy hair whilst going out and drinking 10 cosmopolitans on a night out (Sunday was pretty painful). Although cranberry juice does have antioxidants in it.

It comes down to this: I want to have what grown ups have and still do what young people do. Is that too much to ask? I’d also like to have the abs I once saw about 15 years ago (so I know they are under there somewhere!) and not get hungover, ever.  To be fair, I’ve tried to do it all.  Consultant 2 days a week, PhD student/writer for 3. In between discussing where walls, sockets and lights should go in the house as well as meeting friends in the evenings over a bottle of wine (sometimes 2 and a few weeks ago 3, but I won’t be doing that again!)  So far it’s resulted in bags under my eyes, a total lack of productivity with the odd afternoon nap. Trying to act 22 has made me 50!

I’m really sad to have to admit that I’m starting to feel a bit too old for all this! 😦

“I was wise enough never to grow up while fooling most people into believing I had” Margaret Mead