I love nothing more than setting people up.  I say this like I’ve ever managed to pull it off.  I haven’t.  But it doesn’t stop me from trying.

I don’t have many single friends these days.  Most are starting to shack up, get engaged and married. It’s an age thing. My news feed on Facebook is saturated with status updates from people announcing their engagements, flashing their rings, arranging hen dos, stag dos… I can’t remember a week when ‘I said yes!’ hasn’t featured somewhere in the ‘Top Stories’ section. I’m not being bitter, I like it. Bowel movements and nappy training updates are where I firmly draw the line – but I love a good engagement/wedding status.

I’m not one to go through people’s photos on Facebook. Unless I’ve been tagged then I’ll dedicate however long it takes to un-tag any image of me looking horrendous.  These days it’s more than I’d like to to be honest.  A ban on St Tropez (a financial restriction only) and a limited use of the GHD’s (hairdresser’s suggestion as to avoid premature baldness) has resulted in a multitude of photos where I look like I’m auditioning for Phantom of the opera! But when it comes to a wedding album, I have to confess to having a sneaky peek.

A few friends of mine have recently got engaged and/or married and I think it’s great. Loads are buying houses and living with their other halves.  There are some flying the single flag and loving it and a few are now looking to settle down.  After chatting to one of my friends, it was clear he was looking in the wrong place (namely America as he’s convinced he’s more attractive there – think Colin from Love Actually) so I decided to sign him up to My SIngle Friend. Sarah Beany is a genius! It’s the perfect place for Cilla wannabes like me to put my single friend out to the masses. And in theory – the odds are much higher on him getting a date with someone on their database than me going trying to find single girls on my Facebook for him.  It’s simple maths!

So I’ve just completed his profile, which he get’s to view before it goes live. I did struggle describing him in 5 words, it’s tough describing anyone in 5 words.  I didn’t want to lie and say he was a health freak gym bunny, but then I didn’t want to put on there that he didn’t eat vegetables either.  I’ve spent the last 10 years telling him categorically that if he introduced some greens into his life, he’d probably have a girlfriend. I’m not sure how that would work, but it’s a theory I’m firmly sticking to.  So I’ve managed to meddle my way into his love life – next I need to start working on nutrition!

I wouldn’t want any girl showing up on a date under false pretences as, in theory, that would be my fault. So I was very honest, complimentary and fingers crossed he gets a date.  He’s already agreed that if they get married, I get to sing at the wedding 🙂

SIngle ladies – If you’re looking for a date with someone fun, respectful, honest and a gentleman (see – I’m good at this) email me. I’ll hook you up and I’ll take song suggestions for the big day if it turns out well 😉