I met a friend for dinner last night. We always go to the same restaurant because we love it, and it saves on any unnecessary brain power deciding on where to meet.  She’s getting married next year, which is tres exciting!  We always end up chatting about general rubbish that we both find entertaining but the conversations will start to steer into the domain of maturity…

“What has happened to us? We’re talking about [Insert either work; babies; marriage; not coping with hangovers]”.

Don’t get me wrong, we are clearly at that stage in life where this is the sort of thing that we should be talking about. More often than not, we find ourselves deliberating on anti-ageing serums and slimming underwear.  It just seems to creep up on us unawares and never fails to shock us that we have, sadly, grown up.

On the way to dinner I bumped into a friend from school. I haven’t seen him in probably 10 years.  In the 60 second conversation (I was getting off the train that he was getting on) I discovered that not only had he got married, but he’d seen that one through to the other end and was going through a divorce!  That’s really grown up. I’m not there yet.

I have a theory about maturity and I explained my tactic, which so far, seems to be working for me. I think you have a certain amount of maturity at certain stages of your life and generally this increases with age.  I say ‘generally’ as there are a few who seem to entirely evade the inevitable (mostly man-boys who still happily play computer games in their underwear and find setting farts on fire funny well into their 30’s).

I think you can pick and choose which areas of your life you’d like to be grown up in.   So say you have the normal level of maturity for a 28 year old girl, that might mean running board meetings Monday – Friday then spending the weekends eating push pops and watching The Racoons.  Or you could behave pretty normal at work, have a steady relationship and a few drinks of a weekend.  That’s splitting it pretty evenly, I’d say.

Seeing as I made this up and I’ve created no rules, you can pretty much change this as and when but I think there always has to be a relative balance to compensate. For example, getting drunk on a thursday night is positivley adolescent, but then you could do all the washing, empty the dishwasher and settle down with a cuppa to watch Question Time, so varying levels of maturity can be applied as and when.

I realise this theory may be flawed and is most likely a load of rubbish and despite the fact I’ve spent hours on the phone to B&Q today, paid off the credit card bill (not all of it sadly) and got very excited at a picture message of our new garden turf, it’s pretty self-evident that I’ve still got a fair bit of growing up to do.

Thank God!

Regime update:

Day 1: Cupcake (fail)

Day 2: Gym (good) Wine (fail)

Day 3: So far so good, fingers crossed…

Maturity is a high price to pay for growing up.” Tom Stoppard.