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The Columnist had a baby

This is the first post I’ve written in almost a year. Well… that’s not entirely true… I’ve started LOADS of posts but never got to the end of any of them due to the many, many, MANY distractions that having a small baby brings. I’m 7 months in, still alive (as is my daughter – a victory on my part) and am slowly regaining the ability to construct a sentence that does not involve the words ‘poo’, ‘projectile’, ‘bottle’ or ‘help!’. Therefore I thought it was time that I dust off the laptop and stop looking at Secret Escapes and actually write something (whilst looking at Secret Escapes as I’ve decided to conquer my fear of international travel with a child). Continue reading “The Columnist had a baby”

The 10 things I miss most from before I was pregnant

I have 8 weeks and 4 days until my due date. Not that I’m counting or anything… Obviously the main motivation for the countdown is that we get to meet our daughter, but there are a few other things that I’m really starting to miss after 7 months of being knocked up.

I know it sounds selfish and there will be a few mother-earth types who will disagree with what I’m about to say, but being pregnant isn’t easy and I’d be lying if I said that it was fun. Continue reading “The 10 things I miss most from before I was pregnant”

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