Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there’s some football competition happening at the moment?  I mean, you might have missed it.  If perhaps you are dead or living under water?

I know that it’s a big deal (for people not from Scotland) and I try to care about Euro 2012. I really do. I have even made a real effort to pay a bit more attention.  I have sat through a few games and not left the room.  I’ve been brushing up on my knowledge too.  This involves reading the backs of players shirts, so I can throw in a name or two into conversation.  Most of the time I either pronounce the name wrong or realise I don’t actually know which team the name belongs too… but it’s the thought that counts.

Then there is the Olympics.  The countdown has officially begun! We’ve got tickets to the Beach Volleyball, mainly because that’s the only event I thought would be more fun to watch live, than on the TV. I’ll probably leave ridden with guilt for not starting every day with squats and sit-ups and refuse to wear a bikini ever again. With regards to the rest of the events, I imagine it’ll be like the Jubilee or the final of The Voice, I won’t be that excited, but I’ll watch them anyway. From the sofa, where it is safe.  Boris should be handing out medals to anyone who all who braves public transport, that’s an event in itself.

I don’t actually play any team sports so I always consider myself a person who isn’t competitive.  Apparently, this is not the case. Not the case at all. It seems I spent my youth confusing the definition of ‘competitiveness’ with ‘crap at everything’.  Turns out I am competitive. I do actually want to win, but only at things I can actually do. I discovered this hidden competitive streak when playing a certain board game:


In certain circles, I am categorically banned from playing Articulate.  Namely because I end up shouting/screaming/jumping up and down/hurling abuse… It’s fair to say I can get over-excited.  Especially if a few drinks are involved.  The thing about this game is, bearing in mind it’s the only game I have ever won (ever) and actually enjoy playing, it involved pretty much no skill at all.  No training. No fitness regime. No talent. In fact, all you really need in order to play the game is a relative grasp of the English language and the ability to read.

Lucky for me. I speak English. And I can read. Unlucky for me, so does everyone else.  But that’s why it get’s so exciting! Televised Articulate championships.  That’s something television production companies should consider. I’d watch it.

There are other games that I quite like but, like football and the Olympics (not quite in the same category) they do involve some sort of skill, none of which I have. Pictionary – you need to be able to draw. Monopoly – not only do you need to have some sort of financial awareness, you also have to have a spare 4 hours. Rapidough is really fun, but you have to make stuff out of play doh. Not my forte.

I’ve just started reading a book called Games People Play by Eric Berne Turns out it has nothing to do with board games or football. It’s all about the psychology of human relationships.  So there’s no avoiding games.  They’re bloody everywhere!  But I only want to play the ones that I can win. Which is why I stick to what I know.

Snap, anyone?