I’ve never taken getting older very well.  A very good friend of mine told me that one of the first things I ever said to her was ‘I’m so OLD!’ (I was 19 at the time and it was the first day of university. I’d taken a gap year so was, by logic, a year older than those who hadn’t).

Being a summer baby (my birthday is next week) I was always the youngest.  Youth really is wasted on the young!  All I wanted was to get to 18 so I could legitimately get myself into bars without pretending to be my best friend, Lucy, who was a year older & generously allowed me to use her birth certificate for 12 months. This was a decade ago, so some places did let you in without photo ID.  And clearly I had memorised every single detail on there.  When it all got a bit more stringent, I used to confidently stride up using Lucy’s passport.  We don’t look particularly alike, but we got away with it.

When we were younger and got asked for ID, I used to huff and puff and dig around in my handbag as if to say ‘I can’t believe you are doing this to me!’  Now, I jump for joy. I actually got ID’d buying a scratch card the other week because I was feeling lucky.  I thought I was going to cry with joy, handed over my driver’s licence to the checkout woman and actually skipped out of the shop. To top it off, I won a tenner!

So my birthday is looming and it marks the final year I will have in my 20’s. 29 sounds old to me. But then again, so did 19 at the time.  If I meet someone and they tell me they’re 19, I give them this listful look that is half saying ‘Oh if only I was 19 again’ full of wisdom and half ‘Why are you so young? How did I get so old? Why is this happening to me!?’

30 has become a real milestone, particularly for girls. A 30 year old man is much the same as a 25 year old, just probably has a better car and a bigger television to play video games on.  At 30, girls feel obliged to start growing up –  thinking about the future, curtains and china patterns. I’m not sure how it happens. Maybe it’s an internal switch that clicks on when you’ve successfully completed your 3rd decade?  A few girl friends have told me that something does just ‘switch’ when you turn 30. This scares me. It seems like you have no control over it and its a decision that’s made for you.

If this is the case then I fully intend to make the most of my 20’s. The last year where idiocy and hilarity go hand in hand. I’ve decided to compile a bucket list of things to do before I abandon reckless drinking and short skirts. Before Jaegarbombs get replaced by full bodied reds and when wearing clothes is just not an acceptable substitute for actually ironing them.

Turns out The Stylist beat me to it and if you google ‘Things to do before you’re 30’ there are a surprising number of results. I’ve decided not to focus on the irritating over-achievers of this world that make me feel like I’m destined to fail.  So I’ve not had a number 1 single, a blockbuster movie, written a bestseller, play an instrument or speak 5 languages… so what?  Here’s my list. It’s now or never as after the big 3 0, I’ll be trapped inside my old lady body, knitting and watching Emmerdale…

1. Take CBT test

2. Get a Moped

3. Do a bungee jump (and preferably not die or land in a crocodile invested river)

4. Travel outside the EU and on arrival speak no english

5. Do the three peaks challenge

6. Learn to kite surf

7. Own a pogo stick

8. Get a dog

9. Camp somewhere that is not an actual campsite (back garden does not count)

10. Cycle to Brighton (from London)

11. Write novel (and finish it)

12. Do a triathlon

13. Do a Facebook cull

14. Set up You Tube channel dedicated entirely to amusing clips of waking up my boyfriend whenever and wherever he falls asleep (which is all the time and anywhere!)

15. Set up business plan for alcoholic ice-lollys and apply to Dragon’s Den

On completing the above list, I will document my progress over the next 12 months, in amongst the usual drivel that I post on here.  If anyone would like to join me on any of the above adventures, let me know. It’s going to be a good year 🙂